Red Earth Good Living and Hospitality Pvt ltd

India (South)

Leading Family Hotel / Resort

Leading Eco Hotel / Resort

Leading Wildlife Hotel / Resort

Welcome to Red Earth.



Allow me to introduce us as an off - beat property.

Red Earth is completely into sustainable tourism.

95% of our Staff are from the Local & Tribal Community.

The name Red Earth has come from the color of our soil.

The same soil has been used for the construction of the resort.

The soil has been rammed and compressed and baked in the sun for the construction of the cottages.

This technique is called Rammed Earth Construction.

The Roof of the Cottages - The inner layer is made up of bamboo mats done by the Tribals of Wayanad and the outer layer is made up of elephant grass, done by elderly craftsmen from Tamil Nadu.

The floor tiles inside the cottages are hand made glass tiles.

All of these techniques or arts are dying out.

Red Earth, in its attempt towards sustainable tourism, tries to ensure their survival.

Most of our furniture too is antique, collected from different parts of India.

This property is 10 acres in size and we have 20 cottages.

The 20 cottages we have, are divided into 2 clusters of 10 each and each cluster goes around the 2 waterbodies we have inside the property.

Each cottage has its own private Jacuzzi and all the water used in the property, goes to an STP plant, where it gets treated and comes back to our gardens through drip irrigation.

Our land slopes towards the river and rain water is naturally harvested into the water bodies inside the property.

Google map will show that you are in a peninsula.

We have the Kabini back waters on all three sides of our property.

In keeping with our efforts as an eco sensitive property, we have wi-fi only in the business area.

We also do not use insecticide and pesticide.

We have planted 350 different species of fruiting plants and trees.

All of this together has ensured an abundance of birds, butterflies and bees.

Solar energy has been harvested and used in the property.

Red Earth, is the home we have opened out to you, from our music, to our decor, our gardens, to our food, there is a touch of us.

Our 2 In-house lakes are teeming with fresh fish for our guests.

We allow fishing but with a catch & release policy.

Our poultry is all free ranging.

Our meat is Hallal.

For the Vegetarians: We have 2 separate kitchens with all equipment, fridges & freezers separate.

Red Earth is the resort with a personality.

Here we have steered away from the typical suited, booted, hotels that give a clinical feel.

Our tag line says it all.




"As close to silence as you can get"