Hotel Annapurna


Leading Heritage Hotel / Palace

Leading Business Hotel

Leading City Hotel

In a world in which change and uncertainty are the norm, Hotel Annapurna remains a fixed point of timeless elegance and service.

It stands proudly at the centre of Kathmandu.

Step in and its staff welcomes you with warmth and understated professionalism.

Established in 1965, the hotel is mindful of its place as the oldest five star hotel in Nepal’s history of hospitality.

Here you will find all that is synonymous with luxury and Nepali culture.

But it is far from resting on its illustrious laurels.

Its unswerving vision is to always meet the expectations of its guests.

Each day is a day to learn and improve.

The Annapurna is proud of its heritage of hospitality.

It stands tall at the centre of the history of the Nepali hospitality industry.

But it also looks to the future, to the heady excitement of the new.

Above all, Hotel Annapurna may be the grande dame of Nepali Hotels, but its warmth and charm are timeless.