Meghauli Serai – A Taj Safari, Chitwan National Park


Leading Wildlife Hotel / Resort

Nestled on the banks of the river Rapti, Meghauli Serai overlooks a vast expanse of rippling waters and the core of Chitwan National Park.

This 29 room lodge is designed to showcase the spectacular wilderness and rooms as well as guest areas afford uninterrupted views of the jungle.

The lodge embraces local decor and aesthetics with an abundant use of local art and artefacts.

A large infinity pool with a viewing deck and a machan over the river wildlife viewing add to the charm of this jungle lodge.

Our Resident Naturalists engage with guests detailing and uncovering the interdependence of the flora and fauna of the forest, while making it an individual interpretive experience.

The wildlife experience includes a range of activities like Safari Drives, Canoeing Safari, Walking Safari and Elephant Safari.

Guests can visit the Elephant nursing area, feed them, bathe with them and appreciate the close bond these gentle giants share with their Mahouts.

Dine by the river, in the bush or at the Tharu Village ambience created in the lodge, there is a new experience to be tried at each meal time.