Cinnamon Wild Yala

Sri Lanka

Leading Wildlife Hotel / Resort

Cinnamon Wild Yala is more than a resort it is comfort redefined within a close distance to the Yala National Park.

The rustic elegance of the well appointed rooms will surely transcend your expectations and many a lucky visitor has seen a leopard on the rocks which border the hotel.

The road leading to the hotel is a narrow, dusty one, bordering the massive lake with crocodile, pelican and deer that live in perfect harmony with the hotel.

Cinnamon Wild Yalas strategic location also means that an elephant, wild boar and other feral friends come regularly to visit us from the park next door and if youre really lucky, a leopard may pass you by.

Our Green Globe Certified resort.

Also features great safari options including the islands only infrared night safari showing you an altogether different side of the wilderness, bringing out the big hunters in search of their nightly catch and feed.

When its time to heed the call of the wild, contact our resident expert naturalists from Nature Trails.

Not only are they highly skilled trackers, they are also passionate about what they do, with a love for conservation and every being they encounter on their journey.

Nature Trails is our award winning wildlife and adventure tourism division, and our naturalists each have years of experience in the field.