Hulhule Island Hotel


Leading F&B Hotel / Resort

Leading Business Hotel

Leading Airport Hotel

Hulhule Island Hotel, located on the International airport island, is a modern and exotic Hotel catering to the diversified needs of guests.

Set in a heavenly ambiance of turquoise blue waters, our Hotel is a perfect place for the guests on leisure as well as on business.

It is a happening place to be in; as well it is a tranquil haven at various locations within the hotel.

Guests wishing to add flavor to their special day or wanting to take plunge into the sky blue water and bask at the white sandy beach area or just transiting through the Isle of Maldives or on a business trip – it is liked by each of the segment of guests.

Our luxury Hotel in Maldives has the distinction of being the only Hotel on the island where international airport is located and it is less than 5 minutes travel by surface from the airport.