31st July 2017

Hotel Mulberry Kathmandu selected SATA 2017 Hospitality Partner in Nepal

Hotel Mulberry has been selected as South Asian Travel Awards (SATA)’s Hospitality Partner in Kathmandu, Nepal

South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) orgainzed by High Rise is scheduled to be held in Addu City, Maldives during October this year.

SATA has already selected its hospitality partners in Maldives and India; Champa Central Hotel in Male’ City, Maldives and The Chancery Pavilion in Bangalore, India.

SATA Event Organizer announced this Tuesday that Hotel Mulberry – located in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu – has been selected as SATA’s Hospitality Partner in Nepal.

Hotel Mulberry is a three-star business hotel opened in Kathmandu in April this year. The nine-story hotel has 67 rooms; 41 deluxe rooms, 15 executive rooms, nine junior suits, one business suite and one presidential suite. The hotel also houses a Cocoon Spa.

More than 414 businesses from five countries – Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bhutan have sent in nominations for this year’s SATA. Evaluations are set to begin in middle of August.

Online Voting for SATA 2017 is conducted through the website www.southasiantravelawards.com till 31st August 2017.