South Asian Travel Awards

Entrepreneurs & Experts Speaks About the New Normal On the Supply of F&B to Amenities

Entrepreneurs & Experts Speaks About the New Normal On the Supply of F&B to Amenities

The South Asian Digital Travel Conversation is a digital conversation organized by the South Asian Travel Awards to discuss in-depth, to create awareness and to voice the challenges that are being faced in the Travel Trade & Hospitality Industry of the South Asian region.


The conversation has been purposefully designed as a series, spread across multiple episodes of 45 minutes each, with special guests from the South Asian region’s Travel Trade & Hospitality Industry. Each episode will highlight a specific topic, and industry professionals will be sharing their voice with regional factual data.


The conversation will be guided by a moderator who will ask questions based on the topic of the day, and the guests will share their views, experiences, opinions and hindrances. The show will be viewed live on Facebook ( every Saturday at 1130 GMT and a rerun will be telecasted on Raajje Television at 1830 GMT. Different episodes will be presented with diverse industry stakeholders and moderators.


Episode Six will be hosted by the VP of South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) Mr Suraj Khan and News Director – International Affairs of Raajje TV, Aishath Shaany. The topic of episode five is; The new normal for the supply chain


Guests for Episode 06 are:

Amir Mansoor - Managing Director, Lily International

Amir Mansoor Managing Director is an Accountant and professional tennis player turned businessman. He is a pioneering entrepreneur who has made Lily International one of the leading businesses in the Maldives. He holds advanced academic credentials on several management programs including a higher diploma in Directorship from Singapore Management University. With the leadership of Amir, today, Lily International stand with integrity and dedication in meeting the needs of its valued stakeholders. Amir is also the owner of Luxury Resort The Standard - Huruwalhi Maldives, Capediem Liveaboards Fleet and major franchise food outlets brands Secret Recipe and Marry Brown in the Maldives.

Ali Ihusan - Chief Executive Officer, Happy Market 

Ali Ihusan started career as an Army Officer in Maldives National Defence Force following graduation from the US Military Academy at Westpoint in 2010. After his service Captain Ali Ihusan resigned from his post at the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and joined the Private sector and took over Happy Market Group as its CEO. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from Nanyang Business School (Singapore) a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Defence and Strategic Studies from United States Military Academy.

Kurian Jose – Chief Executive Office, Meron Group

Kurian Jose Junior plays a key management role in the Meron Group. As the Chief Executive of the company his efforts and farsighted vision has taken the company to new heights. His forte lies in market development especially exports, raw material imports. A frequent traveller, he visits many countries in connection with market development and raw material procurement that has helped him understand the dynamics of the business and market trends.

Pratik Iyer -  Director , Vikas Laboratories 

Pratik Iyer is a Director of Vikas Laboratories, a long family owned business. Vikas Labs has been a leading manufacturer of personal care guest amenities for individual heritage properties to leading global chains. Toiletries in particular, their productions are majorly exported to United States.  Their Custom Manufacturing expertise is drawn from decades of working with leading brands, specialising in personal, health and home care products. Pratik Iyer specialized in Management and Marketing and leads the entire operation.

The South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) is the first ever regional Travel Award endorsed by Multi National Associations providing the Tourism sector of the South Asian Region with recognition towards their facilities and service excellence. The South Asian Travel Awards aims to encourage and raise service standards within the regions of the Tourism industry. The brand is one of its kind with affiliations from regional associations ensuring the process within a smooth and transparent procedure. The judging panel consists of high profile senior representatives selected from destinations with vast knowledge and background of the industry to assure an accurate and fair process. SATA is a Highrise concept. The SATA Team have proudly unveiled their platinum partner as Gulf Craft Maldives and Gold Partner as The Hawks Pvt Ltd and look forward to host the prestigious South Asian Travel Awards Grand Gala in the Maldives by the last quarter of 2020.